Ajit Pawar Praises PM Modi’s Leadership as He Joins Shinde-Fadnavis Government

In a surprising turn of events, Ajit Pawar, the former Leader of the Opposition in the Maharashtra Assembly, praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership as he assumed the role of the new Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Addressing the media in a press conference, Pawar explained his decision to join the Shinde-Fadnavis government and expressed his belief that it would contribute to the state’s development.

ajit pawar

“This is not the first time that I have praised PM Modi’s leadership,” stated Ajit Pawar, emphasizing his admiration for the Prime Minister’s efforts in developing the country. “If we can collaborate with Shiv Sena, we can certainly work with the BJP. Our goal is the progress and growth of Maharashtra,” he added.

Ajit Pawar also revealed that he had resigned from his position as the Leader of Opposition in the Maharashtra Assembly. While critiquing the opposition unity, particularly highlighting the role of Sharad Pawar, he commented on the lack of fruitful outcomes from their meetings. According to him, the diverse situations in each state hindered the opposition parties from forming a cohesive front.

ajit pawar

“I have not witnessed a single opposition leader who genuinely fights for the betterment of our nation. Since 1984, no leader has taken on the responsibility of leading the country singlehandedly, except for PM Modi, who has been doing it for the past nine years. He is widely recognized and respected internationally. We aspire to contribute to his vision of development,” expressed Ajit Pawar.

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Responding to criticism and concerns about the unity of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), Pawar assured that the party remained intact and supportive of his decision. He conveyed that the NCP had been informed about the developments, and the priority was given to the majority in forming the government.

“Our party was established in Chhagan Bhujbal’s house, and we have taken it forward. We believe in incorporating new faces into the party, and we will make efforts in that direction. We are not concerned about answering criticisms. Our focus is on obtaining the central funds for Maharashtra. Most NCP MLAs are aligned with us, and we will contest all elections under the NCP banner and symbol,” clarified Ajit Pawar.

The political landscape in Maharashtra has witnessed a surprising twist with Ajit Pawar’s unexpected move to join forces with the Shinde-Fadnavis government. As the new Deputy Chief Minister, Pawar’s decision has sparked speculation and debate among political circles, leaving the opposition to reassess their strategies and alliances in the state.