Meet Ankiti Bose, a graduate who formed a ₹7,957 crore valuation company and is now suing her investor

Ankiti Bose

Singapore-based e-commerce startup Zilingo’s co-founder, Ankiti Bose, has taken legal action against angel investor Mahesh Murthy over a controversial article discussing frauds in the Indian startup ecosystem. Bose filed the lawsuit on April 20, seeking an injunction to prevent Murthy from publishing any defamatory content about her, as reported by ET. In his article, Murthy, … Read more

Fast, Easy, and Efficient: The Seamless Process of Buying Car Insurance Online

Gone are the days when purchasing car insurance involved lengthy paperwork, multiple visits to insurance offices, and dealing with numerous agents. In today’s digital era, buying car insurance online has become a convenient and efficient option for motorists. With just a few clicks, you can compare policies, customize coverage, and secure insurance for your vehicle—all … Read more

India has acquired force multipliers, ranging from Rafale fighter jets to a Make-in-India arsenal.

India boasts one of the largest armies globally, and the bravery and courage of the Indian army are recognized worldwide. India’s military capabilities have witnessed significant advancements, ranging from the acquisition of Rafale fighter jets to the development of indigenous defense technologies through the Make-in-India initiative. The procurement of Rafale fighter aircraft from France has … Read more