Man Gets Entire Plane to Himself After 18-Hour Delay: Air Hostess Provides Special Service: VIDEO

Man Gets Entire Plane to Himself After 18-Hour Delay

Imagine stepping onto a plane and discovering that you are the only passenger on board, with the entire aircraft at your disposal. This extraordinary scenario became a reality for Paul Stringer, a man from North Carolina, USA, during an American Airlines flight. Stringer, who had patiently endured an 18-hour delay, was rewarded with a first-class … Read more

Rahul Gandhi’s Audience in America didn’t even stand for Indian National Anthem, wonder why?

In a recent incident that has stirred controversy, Rahul Gandhi, the prominent Indian politician and former president of the Indian National Congress, found himself at the center of attention during his visit to the United States. As Rahul Gandhi took the stage to address a gathering of Indian diaspora in America, he encountered an unexpected … Read more

Enhancing Connectivity for Uttarakhand getting its first Vande Bharat Express

In a significant development, Uttarakhand is set to witness the inauguration of its first Vande Bharat Express, connecting the picturesque city of Dehradun to the bustling capital, Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, at the flagging off event, expressed his enthusiasm for this milestone, highlighting the positive impact it will have on reducing travel time for … Read more